The Red Terror.

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How did the Bolsheviks administer their policy of terror during the Civil War?
Use of the Cheka and Red Army.
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Who founded the Cheka?
Felix Dzerzhinsky.
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Who did Lenin choose to lead the Cheka in the Civil War?
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Who assassinated a German ambassador as a protest against the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in July 1918.
A group of SR terrorists.
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How was the Tsar and his family executed?
A ten-man execution squad shot them with revolvers.
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What had Nicholas planned to do in Britain after his abdication?
Seek exile in Britain but the King George V and the government were not willing to risk such a political uproar.
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Who else in Europe refused the Tsar sanctuary after his abdication?
The German Kaiser Alexei as he thought it might imply support for the Tsar's restoration.
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Why did the Kaiser not want to grant sanctuary and support the Tsar's restoration.
It would compromise Germany's neutrality now that Germany and Russia were at peace and he was anxious to upset the radical political parties in Germany which were threatening revolution.
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Why did Lenin murder the Romanov's?
He wanted to remove a possible threat to Bolshevism and he wanted to seek revenge for the existence of old Russia.
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What was persecution directed against by the Cheka?
Not simply against individuals but whole classes.
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What did Bolsheviks believe justified the savigery of the Red Terror repression?
The hazardous situation they were in.
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What did Dzerzhinsky think could save the proletarian revolution?
"Exterminating the enemies of the working class".
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What did Dzerzhinsky's words echo?
Lenin's demand that Russia should be "cleansed of harmful insects, parasites and bandits".
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What did Trotsky use his powers to end the independence of?
Trade unions.
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How did Lenin express his trust in Trotsky?
By giving him totally free hands in military matters.
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How many men were part of the Red Army by 1918?
3 million.
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Who did Trotsky employ to train the rank and file into efficient soldiers?
Ex-tsarist officers.
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Who objected to Trotsky's use of ex-tsarist officers to train Red Army soldiers?
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Who did Trotsky attach to the Red Army as a precaution for the ex-tsarist officers training soldiers?
Political commissars.
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How did Trotsky tolerate no opposition within the Red Army from officers or men?
The death sentence was imposed for desertion or disloyalty.
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What title replaced the word officer in the Red Army?
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What became the standard greeting of troops in the Red Army?
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What would roles within the Red Army be entitled?
E.g. captain became comrade captain.
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What was abandoned relating to officers and soldiers' committees?
The electing of officers and so were soldiers' committees.
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How did Trotsky respond to the Civil War's inceasing demand for manpower?
By enforcing conscription in those areas under Bolshevik control.
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Under what slogan did Trotsky justify the severity of the Red Army's methods by referring to the dangers that Russia faced on all sides?
"Everything for the Front".
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Why did the Red Army have such high morale?
There were troops who believed sincerely in the Communist mission to create a new proletarian world.
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Who opposed Trotsky in the Red Army?
Local Red commanders and commissars over tactics.
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Who was Trotsky's most notable opposition?
Joseph Stalin who acted as political commissar for the Caucasus.
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Who founded the Cheka?


Felix Dzerzhinsky.

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Who did Lenin choose to lead the Cheka in the Civil War?


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Who assassinated a German ambassador as a protest against the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in July 1918.


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How was the Tsar and his family executed?


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