The Psychology of Addictive Behaviour - Biological Approach Studies

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1. Who found that in males, there is a genetic transmission of gambling behaviour

  • Vink et al
  • Paris et al
  • Shah et al
  • Xian et al
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2. What % of smoking initiation is due to genetics, according to the previous study?

  • 44%
  • 47%
  • 54%
  • 52%

3. Who did the study of 1,500 dutch twins about heritability of smoking?

  • Buka et al
  • Paris et al
  • Vink et al
  • Xian et al

4. What did Vink et al find in the maintenance of smoking addiction?

  • maintenence of addiction equally biological factors and external factors
  • nicotine dependence is 75% genetics, nicotine metabolism
  • smoking in pregnancy doubles future smoking risk of fetus
  • nicotine dependence is 85% genetics

5. What did Black et al find?

  • First-degree relatives of pathological gamblers more likely to gamble than distant relatives
  • Individual differences in smoking addiction 44% genetic
  • 54% risk of failure when quitting smoking is due to heritability
  • In males, there is a genetic transmission of gambling behaviour


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