The Psychodynamic Approach Quiz

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1. What is the adult character if fixation occurs in the genital stage?

  • Reckless, vain, proud, and possibly incapable of loving another person.
  • Relationship problems can occur, according to Freud, which includes the development of homosexuality.
  • Either anal-expulsive OR anal-retentive.
  • Fixation cannot occur.
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2. At what age does the Phallic stage occur?

  • Lasts from 18 months to around 3 years old.
  • Starts at puberty.
  • Occurs around the age of 4/5 years old.
  • Lasts from birth to around 18 months.

3. What part of the body is the focus of sexual energy in the Latent stage?

  • There isn't one.
  • The mouth.
  • The ****.
  • The genitals.

4. What is projection?

  • When somebody deals with having unacceptable thoughts by saying that they are somebody else’s thoughts.
  • Keeping thoughts in the unconscious mind so that they are not remembered, as they are not allowed inside the conscious.
  • When someone denies a traumatic event has occurred and acts as though nothing has happened, protecting the individual from unhappy or unacceptable thoughts.

5. As a key assumption of the approach, what did Freud believe was the importance of the first five years?

  • We have a certain amount of energy which doesn't increase or decrease.
  • The unconscious mind is the most powerful.
  • The most important in terms of forming a personality, and that if there are any unsolved problems at one stage, your development will be disrupted.
  • Our genetics determine our gender development due to the difference between the one Y chromosome.


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