The Odyssey modern scholars

seth schein-
"by turns a comic character, a tragic hero, a stoic sage, and villain, Odysseus could never be pinned down"
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Griffin phaecian-
"they serve as a transition between the fantasy world of tales and the human world of Ithaca"
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Jenkyns nausicasa-
"although she is not a goddess, at moments she resembles one"
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emily wilson-
"there is a vision of empowered feminity in the Odyssey, but it is conveyed not in the mortal world but in that of the gods
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james morrison gods-
"the death of the suitors is seen as the triumph of good over evil snd is firmly ascribed to the gods"
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griffin –gods-
"the presents of divine agents ... enables the poet to show the meaning of events and the nature of the world"
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"|Odysseus has been gone for along time- modern readers might disagree with his killing of his wife's suitors -but did homer?
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james morrison suitors -
"the suitors are terrible guests and clearly violate the code of xenia"
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peter jones-
"whatever one may think of the severity of Odysseus's revenge, no Greek would have argued that he didn't have a right to take it"
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emily wilson-
"she's canny, she's strong-willed, she has grit , she ha vivid imagination, she's loyal"
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James morrison bed-
"the trick proves to Odysseus that she has been faithful, thus the bed becomes a symbolic meaning of a happy and faithful marriage"
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james morrison ody+ gods - "
Odysseus is not a puppet. he needs advice and favour of the gods if he is to return to Ithica, but he clearly contemplates his options and make independent decisions"
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"the marriage between Odysseus and Penelope is a partnership of intellectual equals, based as true love a shared outlook on life"
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peter jones-
"(their relationship is) unique in homer for the closeness of relationship it depicts between god and mortal "
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james morrison identity/disguise-
"there are costs to revealing your name, choosing to conceal it might have benefits"
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james morrison recognition -
"the bed was a sign and a symbol or Penelope in recognising Odysseus and her fidelity"
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e.v. rieu (epithet)-
"their effect is to remind us of the permanent, eternal qualities of people and objects"
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Penelope became a "moral heroine" for later generations
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"bond between host and guest [...] supreme importance"
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"The Gods help only those who are worthy of it"
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peter jones-
her veil is "a sign of modesty and chastity"
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jasper griffin-
"penelope shows herself to be like him; the true wife for the hero of the odyssey"
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penelope is "a key to the unity of the poem
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c.m. bowra-
the suitors are the opposite of the heroic ideal "a degenerate corruption of heroes"
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w.a. camps-
"the odyssey looks back with grief and regret to the war at troy"
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Griffin phaecian-


"they serve as a transition between the fantasy world of tales and the human world of Ithaca"

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Jenkyns nausicasa-


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