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2. what happened to the law courts?

  • Hitler despised the courts and ordered the SS to attack and burn all establishments.
  • all judges had to swear allegiance to Hitler
  • the Gestapo left crime to fizzle out itself.
  • Hitler shut all the courts down

3. who were the SS?

  • a military group set up in 1925 as a personal bodyguard to Hitler.
  • a branch of the SA.
  • a tree planting company
  • a personal army of Hindenburg

4. what happened to the catholic church?

  • they had an agreement that neither side would interfere with the other
  • the Nazi's bombarded all the churches with bombs
  • the leading members were all shot
  • the Hitler youth took over all the churches

5. how did Hitler break the catholic agreements with the nazi's?

  • harassed priests, schools brought into line, catholic youths clubs banned
  • he shot the pope.
  • Hitler ordered that all the CAtholic children should join the Hitler youth


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