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2. how did Hitler break the catholic agreements with the nazi's?

  • harassed priests, schools brought into line, catholic youths clubs banned
  • he shot the pope.
  • Hitler ordered that all the CAtholic children should join the Hitler youth

3. who were the Gestapo?

  • Hitler's hygiene advisors
  • a group of intelligence people for Hitler
  • the Nazi non-uniformed secret police
  • branch of the SS

4. what happened to the prodestant church?

  • members tortured and shot when the Gestapo imprisoned them
  • were treated fairly until those against Hitlers policies spoke out
  • completely annihilated in the 1935
  • churches used to sell fish in

5. what were the concentration camps?

  • secret prisons for political and undesirable prisoners
  • a ghetto in the middle of a city
  • a place of hitler and his collegues to hang out


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