The Kidneys

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1. What effect does alcohol have on ADH?

  • No overall effect
  • Damages the Pituitary Gland
  • Suppresses the production of ADH
  • Increases the production of ADH
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2. What is used when someone has kidney failures?

  • a Dialysis Machine
  • Nothing
  • Medication
  • Injections of Ions

3. What process occurs in the kidneys where waste substances are removed from the blood?

  • Filtration
  • Selective Reabsorption
  • Selective Filtration
  • Reabsorption

4. What substances can be reabsorbed back into the blood?

  • Water, Glucose, Plasma
  • Glucose, some Ions, Water
  • Urea, some Ions, Water
  • Glucose, some Ions, Urea

5. What happens when the brain detects the water content being too high?

  • The Pituitary Gland removes the water
  • The Pituitary Gland adds more water
  • The Pituitary Gland releases less ADH
  • The Pituitary Gland releases more ADH




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