The Holocaust

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1. Which argument is Functionalist?

  • Police Battalion had enemies that were Jews
  • Police Battalion shot Jews because they were anti-semetic
  • Police Battalion were peer pressured into shooting Jews.
  • Police Battalion were allies of Hitler and agreed with his opinions about Jews
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2. Why didn't many Jews leave?

  • They had friends and families they couldn't leave behind
  • They weren't allowed to leave
  • They had hope
  • They didn't want to leave

3. What is the definition of the Holocaust?

  • The mass murder of homosexuals
  • The mass murder of jews
  • The mass genocide of a race, religion, sexual orientation etc
  • The mass murder of black people

4. When did antisemitism occurred in Germany?

  • When Hitler came into power
  • When The holocaust began
  • When WW1 ended
  • When WW2 began

5. What examples of antisemitic prosecutions?

  • The Nuremburg laws: Jews can't marry other Germans etc
  • Jews were being kidnapped
  • Jews were being murdered
  • Jews were forced into slavery


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