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2. Who discovered that heart was like Pump?

  • Robert Koch
  • Harvey
  • Dr. Jenner
  • James Simpson
  • Albert Frankenstein

3. The scientist who discovered the link between bacteria and disease was...

  • You?
  • Paul Enrlich
  • James Simpson
  • Jex-Blake
  • Robert Koch
  • Louis Pastuer

4. How did War help develop medicine in WW2

  • Dead bodies were examined to further evolve the understanding of anatomy
  • Blown up body parts gave us insights to the organ system
  • Forcing to govermnent to invest more in medicine for soldiers
  • Foreign countries looting secret medical information

5. John Snow discovered that the Cholera epidemic in 1340s was spread through what?

  • The exchange of bodly fluids
  • Gas exchange
  • Contaminated water
  • Miasma(Bad smells)


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