The Hierarchy of the Courts

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1. What is a judge's role in Crown Courts?

  • Decide points of law
  • Decides if defendant is liable or not liable
  • Decides if defendant is guilty or not guilty
  • Decides defendant's sentence
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2. What two courts hear criminal cases?

  • Magistrates'; Crown
  • Magistrates'; County
  • County; High
  • Crown; High

3. Who hears cases in the County Courts?

  • Judges; extremely rare for a jury to accompany
  • Judges, always with a jury
  • Juries and lay magistrates
  • lay magistrates

4. What are the civil appeal courts?

  • County; High; Supreme
  • High; Court of Appeal (Civil Division); Supreme
  • High; Court of Appeal (Criminal Division); Supreme
  • County; Court of Appeal (Civil Division); Supreme

5. Which two courts hear civil cases?

  • County; Magistrates'
  • County; High
  • Crown; High
  • High; Magistrates'


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