Blood Vessels

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1. What is the function of arterioles?

  • Prevent the diffusion of excess water
  • Constrict and dilate to control blood flow to individual organs
  • Link capillaries and veins
  • Remove tissue fluid
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2. What do the walls of venules contain?

  • Lots of collagen and elastic fibre
  • Lots of elastic fibre
  • Little smooth msucle
  • Lots of collagen

3. Which is not a way in which blood flow is maintained in the veins?

  • Elastic recoil
  • Muscles contract squeezing the veins forcing blood towards the heart
  • One way valves to prevent backflow
  • Breathing movements of the chest act as a pump forcing blood towards the heart

4. What is the function of valves?

  • To prevent backflow
  • Ensure the blood is flowing very fast
  • Ensure all oxygen diffuses from the blood
  • Prevent carbon dioxide diffusing into tissues

5. What do artery walls contain?

  • Elastic fibres, smooth muscle and collagen
  • Elastic fibres and smooth muscle only
  • Collagen and elastic fibres only
  • Elastic fibres and collagen only


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