The Genetic Code

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1. What is meant by the term Reference Strand?

  • A strand of DNA that mRNA uses as a template in transcription
  • A strand that people refer to when wanting to know which bases code for what protein
  • An enzyme used to catalyse mRNA production
  • A template for translation
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2. what is meant by the code is almost universal?

  • every organism has the same proteins
  • the same sequences of bases, code for the same amino acids in all organisms
  • the genetic code exists all over the world
  • all DNA is the same

3. What is meant by the code is degenerate?

  • only one codon can code for one amino acid
  • a given amino acid maybe coded for by more than one codon
  • all amino acids have at least 5 different codons
  • 1 amino acid can only be coded for by one specific codon

4. What is meant by the term gene?

  • a section of DNA that codes for lipids
  • a short strand of DNA
  • A sequence of DNA nucleotides that code for a polypeptide
  • a section of DNA

5. Give an example of a structural protein that DNA codes for:

  • Collagen and Keratin
  • Haemoglobin and Cellulose
  • Fibre and Hooves
  • Carbohydrates


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