The Eyes and Reading

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1. What is M1 in the E-Z reader model?

  • Non-labile stage of saccade preparation
  • Second stage of lexical processing
  • Labile stage of saccade preparation
  • First stage of lexical processing
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2. What is the preferred viewing position for readers?

  • In the centre
  • Below the centre
  • Left of the centre
  • Right of the centre

3. What is the function of the macula?

  • Distinguishing fine details in our environment
  • Providing context but not detailed information
  • Detecting colour
  • Detecting low level vision and fast movements

4. If there are 6 characters to the left and right of fixation, what is the window size?

  • 10
  • 11
  • 13
  • 12

5. Which metaphor for visual attention is the E-Z reader model based on?

  • Zoom lens
  • Object-based
  • Visual spotlight
  • Multiple spotlights


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