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2. If there are 6 characters to the left and right of fixation, what is the window size?

  • 10
  • 13
  • 12
  • 11

3. What is the optimum viewing position for readers?

  • Left of the centre
  • In the centre
  • Below the centre
  • Right of the centre

4. Which statement is incorrect about the moving mask paradigm?

  • The opposite of the moving window paradigm
  • A certain amount of characters from the centre of the p's vision are removed
  • The computer will replace all the letters outside the predetermined window with dissimilar stimuli
  • The mask moves with each eye movement

5. What is L2 responsible for in the E-Z reader model?

  • Lexical completion and access
  • Saccade preparation
  • Familiarity checking
  • Triggering an eye-movement programme


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