The Extent of change in society 1880-1951

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1. What is staple industries?

  • Industry which allows Britian to take goods from different countries
  • Industries that produce goods that Britian need
  • An industry which determined weather Britian needs goods
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2. What was the gold standard?

  • Judging weather gold is worth money
  • Currency is dertermined on the amount of physical gold avaliable
  • The overall amount of gold

3. What is new unionism?

  • A period when the working class became more vocal about their demands on wages
  • An organisation which helps the poor
  • A party which went on strike a lot of times, which led to many events to occur

4. What is Socail Awareness?

  • Political partys - more people be able to vote
  • People looked at how to make the poor lives better
  • Not having a strong enough army or work force

5. What is trade union?

  • A group of middle/upper class people, who invest there money to companys
  • A group with the same goal
  • A group of working class sharing ideas


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