The Emergence of a Royalist Party 1641 - Charles in Scotland/Ireland

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1. After 'The Incident', Charles plead innocence, what contributing factor did not help his case?

  • Charles plead innocence behind a force of 100+ soldiers
  • Charles plead innocence and then laughed after speaking in front of Scottish Parliament
  • Charles plead innocence, stating that it was 'just a prank'
  • Charles plead innocence in a tone that indicated indifference
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2. These false promises soon led to what?

  • War
  • Rebellion
  • Slight disagreement
  • Peace

3. How many committees were set up while Charles was in Scotland?

  • 2
  • 33
  • 4
  • 68

4. What false promises did Charles make to the Irish?

  • To withdraw all English influence from Ireland in exchange for support against Parliamentarian forces
  • Alleviate Ireland of extra taxes altogether for support against Parliament
  • An end to further plantations, and a confirmation of the Graces in exchange for royal allegiance
  • To reduce tax costs in exchange for allegiance to the Crown

5. What did Charles hope to capitalise on in Scotland?

  • The discontent of those who felt the Covenanters went too far, too fast
  • The Scottish Army in Northumberland
  • The increasing amount of Royalist support in England
  • More stuff


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