The Emergence of a Royalist Party 1641 - Charles in Scotland/Ireland

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1. What was 'The Incident'?

  • The beginning of the outbreak of the English Civil War
  • When Charles began to run out of ideas for Incorrect Answers
  • An attempted assassination of Covenant Leaders
  • Charles' attempt to free the Earl of Strafford from the Tower of London
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2. How many committees were set up while Charles was in Scotland?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 68
  • 33

3. These false promises soon led to what?

  • Slight disagreement
  • War
  • Rebellion
  • Peace

4. After 'The Incident', Charles plead innocence, what contributing factor did not help his case?

  • Charles plead innocence in a tone that indicated indifference
  • Charles plead innocence behind a force of 100+ soldiers
  • Charles plead innocence, stating that it was 'just a prank'
  • Charles plead innocence and then laughed after speaking in front of Scottish Parliament

5. Which of the following were one of the aims of the Irish Rebels in the early stages?

  • To get rid of Strafford
  • Freedom of worships without financial or political consequence
  • To cleanse Ireland of all Protestant supporters
  • To amass an army large enough to invade England


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