The emergence of a royalist party - Religious Division

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1. Whilst the popish plot was taking place, what did Henrietta Maria do?

  • She seeked assisstance from Charles
  • She converted to a different religion to allow the fighting to stop
  • She seeked assisstance from foreign Catholic powers
  • She seeked assisstance from her close friends
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2. What raised new forces about absolutism and popish tyranny

  • Events in Ireland
  • Events in Scotland and Ireland
  • Events in Scotland
  • Events in Northern Ireland

3. What happened once the Court of High Commission was abolished??

  • The Court of High Commission ws brought back into the country after 5 months
  • There was a flood of pamphlets which argued for the Court of High Commission to come back
  • There was a flood of pamphlets attacking the established Church, which used extreme language that offended many
  • Posters were put around England using negative language

4. What did Pym do to protect the Church?

  • Put an army around the Church to prevent any destruction to its structure
  • Made it more Catholic
  • Made it more Protestant
  • Became a Bishop

5. What was the basic ideology behind the popish plot?

  • Subvert England's libertis and impose a new Catholic tyranny by force
  • Impose a new Catholic tyranny by force
  • Subvert England's liberties
  • Subvert England's liberties and ask the people living within England whether or not they wanted to convert to Catholicism


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