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2. when did a u2 spy plane get shot down?

  • the 29th october
  • the 27th october
  • the 25th october
  • the 22nd october

3. when did the bay of pigs invasion take place?

  • may 1961
  • april 1961
  • april 1962
  • may 1962

4. what happened on the 23rd of october 1962?

  • kennedy recives a letter from Khrushchev claiming the missiles on Cuba are purely defensive
  • Kennedy recived a letter from Khrushchev saying that the soviet ships would ecnore the blockade
  • kennedy calls on the USSR to reove the missiles on Cuba
  • ariel photographs showed that work on the cuban missile base was rapidly progressing

5. how many options did kennedy have?

  • 6
  • 7
  • 5
  • 4


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