The Cuban Missile Crisis

Some facts, figures, quotes and dates about the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

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1. What did Castro purge in March 1962?

  • Escalante's Pro-PRC Faction.
  • Escalante's Pro-Soviet Faction.
  • Escelante's Pro-Soviet Faction.
  • Escelante's Pro-US Faction.
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2. What did Brezhnev call for after the crisis?

  • Khrushchev's removal.
  • Nuclear parity with the US.
  • A break off of relations with Cuba.
  • Improved relations with the PRC.

3. Khrushchev said that the blockade was...

  • "pushing mankind towards the abyss of world missile nuclear war."
  • "pushing mankind towards the abyss of world war."
  • "threatening Cuba."
  • "a breach of the principles of peaceful coexistence."

4. What was the proposal made in the first letter from Khrushchev?

  • Removal of the missiles provided US promise of non-attack on Cuba.
  • US should remove blockade and enter negotiations.
  • Removal of the missiles provided US removed missiles in Turkey.
  • USSR would not remove missiles but would enter negotiations.

5. What did the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty agree to?

  • A 10 year arms reduction programme.
  • US should limit number of SLBMs.
  • Nuclear technology should not be supplied to other countries.
  • No one should install missiles in Cuba.


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