The Cuban Missile Crisis

Some facts, figures, quotes and dates about the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

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1. In a speech on 22 October, JFK called upon Khrushchev to halt "this..."

  • "aggressive and careless threat to world peace."
  • "reckless and provocative threat to world peace."
  • "act of aggression against the security of the United States."
  • "provocative and dangerous threat to world peace."
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2. In what year was the 'red telephone' hotline established?

  • 1963.
  • 1962.
  • 1964.
  • 1965.

3. The flaw in the 1963 partial test ban treaty was that...

  • It meant the USSR could gain nuclear parity with the US.
  • Tests could still go on underwater.
  • Tests could still go on underground.
  • The USSR didn't sign.

4. What did the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty agree to?

  • Nuclear technology should not be supplied to other countries.
  • A 10 year arms reduction programme.
  • US should limit number of SLBMs.
  • No one should install missiles in Cuba.

5. On what date did JFK announce his blockade of Cuba?

  • 20 October.
  • 19 October.
  • 22 October.
  • 23 October.


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