The Crucible-Key Quotes and Characters

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1. What does Proctor say the court is doing, while pulling down heaven, at the end of Act 3?

  • Raising up a whore
  • Raising up hell
  • Raising up a brainless man
  • Raising up witchcraft
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2. What does Abigail encourage the girls to see in the courtroom in Act 3?

  • A tree
  • A yellow bird
  • Elizabeth Proctor
  • A black bird

3. What are Giles Corey's last words?

  • 'You have always struck me false'
  • 'My wife is innocent'
  • 'More weights'
  • 'I am a fearsome man'

4. Which hisorical event is the story in The Crucible a parallel to?

  • McCarthyism
  • The First World War
  • The Liberal Reforms
  • Nazi Germany

5. Who says that their wife is the 'brick and mortar of the church'?

  • John Proctor
  • Giles Corey
  • Francis Nurse
  • Parris


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