The Crucible

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When do formal persecutions begin in Salem?
Late May 1692
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How many people are accused and killed?
140 are accused, 20 people are killed as well as 2 dogs.
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When were people released?
May 1693
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Who was the first person in the village to confess?
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Who does she then accuse?
Sarah Good and Goody Osbourne. They were easy targets because they had a low social class.
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When do the accusations stop?
When Cotton Mather's wife is accused.
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What did Miller win in 1949?
A Putlitzer prize for drama
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What is the Crucible a parable for?
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When was the Bolshevik Revolution?
October 1917
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What would be the outcome of marxism?
A communist society.
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Was Stalin a Marxist?
No, he was a dictator.
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What were Goulogs?
Prison camps.
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Why does HUAC go after hollywood?
Because a lot of heads of production buildings were jewish.
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What is HUAC?
The House of Un-American Activities Committee.
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When did McCarthy bring the Cold War into America?
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What is the definition of McCarthyism?
the practice of making accusations without proper regard for evidence.
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How many people were questioned between 1950 and 1954?
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How many people were executed?
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Who was the FBI and what did he do?
Hoover was head of the FBI and arranged for close surveillance of many, including Miller.
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Who struck back at these accusations whom Miller later wrote an essay on?
Ed Murrow.
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When was Miller summoned infront of HUAC?
In 1956.
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They said that Miller could go unquestioned if what?
If his fiance Marilyn Monroe would be in a picture with officials. She refused.
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When did it stop?
When people in the American Military were accused.
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When was this play first performed?
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Who wrote the screenplay for Nicholas Hytner's film?
Arthur Miller
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When was the film released?
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Why was Miller excited about the film?
There was the possibility of 'showing' the story rather than just 'telling' it - for example the scene in the woods.
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What do the characters become aware of in the play?
The power of words.
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What Emery Elliot say in 'The Language of Salem Witchcraft'?
He says that racial darkness begins to stand for a spiritual darkness.
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How does Hale change throughout the play?
He begins to question his motives. His speech becomes less flowery in act 3
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What is Parris concerned about?
He is more concerned about his reputation rather than his own daughter.
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What does Abigail do to the man she loves?
She turns him into her victim unknowingly.
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What role does Abigail take on?
The role of 'whistleblower' who sparks mass hysteria.
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What does Proctor think will happen if he signs the document?
He will belong to the document and that his name will change meaning.
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Who do the characters Abigail, Hale and Proctor relate to?
Abigail is McCarthy. Hale is Hoover and Proctor is Miller.
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Between which families is there a rivalry and about what?
There is a rivalry about real estate between the Proctors and the Putnams
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When did the fear of communism in America begin?
During the Red Scare at the time of the cold war
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What is theocracy?
A form of government where God is the ultimate ruler
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What type of faith in Puritanism based on?
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Why was Tituba accused?
She was a different race and therefore a threat.
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Why was Sarah Good accused?
She was a midwife and an infrequent church goer. Children at this time in history only had a 40% chance of surviving, therefore it was easy to place the blame of their death on to the midwife.
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Why was Sarah Osbourne accused?
She was homeless and no one wanted to be associated with her.
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Why was Francis Nurse accused?
Because she was a wealthy widow and would have been stripped of all her land if accused.
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Why was Martha Corey accused?
She was reading books that weren't the bible.
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How many people are accused and killed?


140 are accused, 20 people are killed as well as 2 dogs.

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When were people released?


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Who was the first person in the village to confess?


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Who does she then accuse?


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