The Cold War

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When and what did the 'The West' form?
'North Atlantic Treaty Organisation' NATO in 1949
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When and what did 'The East' form?
'The Warsaw Pact' in 1955
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How long did the Cold War last?
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Did 'The West' and 'The East' use weapons?
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What was different about the industries in 'The West' and 'The East'?
'The West' = The industries were private and the owners could keep the money. 'The East' = All industries were owned by the government and the owners could keep the profit
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What was different about the Elections in 'The West' and 'The East'?
'The West' = Democratic, they could vote for what they wanted in free elections. 'The East'= Communist, they were told what to vote, a one party state
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What did USA believe the USSR was up to?
They thought the USSR were planning to spread communism
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What did USSR believe the USA was up to?
They thought the USA were planing to spread capitalism
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When and what took over Russia?
In 1917, The Bolshevik took over Russia's government
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What happened during the Russian Civil War?
Troops from USA, Britain, Japan and France were sent to Russia to overthrow their new government, but they failed.
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What did Russia do in 1923?
They formed the 'Union of Soviet Socialists Republics' USSR
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What wew the 4 sections Germany and Berlin would be split into?
USA, GB, France and USSR
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When was the Potsdam conference?
17th July 1945
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Who replaced Roosevelt in 1945?
President Harry S. Truman
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What replaced PM Churchill in 1945?
PM Attlee
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What did the big 3 decide to do in the Potsdam conference?
They decided to go ahead and split Germany and Berlin. They also wanted to put Nazi leaders on trial for war crimes
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What did Truman believe Stalin didn't do?
He believed Stalin didn't hold free elections in eastern Europe
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Why was Stalin worried about Truman?
Truman had tested out the worlds first atomic bomb at Stalin thought USA would bomb USSR
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What did Stalin do to prevent USSR from being attacked?
He invaded several 'friendly' countries to protect Russia
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What countries did Stalin turn communist?
Poland, Romania. Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and East Germany
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When was the Yalta Conference?
4th Februar 1945
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Who attended the Yalta Conference?
President Roosevelt, PM Winston Churchill and Stalin
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What was the first thing decided at Yalta?
That each country liberated by Germany would hold free elections
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What was the second thing decided at Yalta?
The United Nations would be formed, to stop future wars
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What was the third thing decided at Yalta?
When Germany was beaten, the USSR would enter the war against Japan
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What was the fourth thing decided at Yalta?
Germany and the capital were to be divided into four countries (Britain, France, the USA and the USSR
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After WW2, what was the USSR like?
27 million died and 32 thousand factories were left in ruins
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Where America feared the growth of Russian power, Russia wanted to create
A buffer zone of friendly countries to protect themselves from the west
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Name the 6 countries that were turned into buffer zone countries
Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany
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In retaliation to Stalins 'anti-capitalist' speech, what did Churchill do?
He went to America and made the powerful 'Iron Curtain' speech
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What was the Iron Curtain?
The Iron Curtain was the physical boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas; The West and The East
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What problem did Truman face in February 1947?
In Greece, communist guerillas were trying to take over Greece. Britain had 40.000 troops supporting them. Soon, Britain didn't have enough money to keep their troops in Greece. At this time, Greece was close to being attacked.
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What was the Truman Doctrine?
the principle that the US should give support to countries or peoples threatened by Soviet forces or Communist insurrection. First expressed in 1947 by US President Truman in a speech to Congress seeking aid for Greece and Turkey.
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When did George C. Marshall become American Secretary of State?
January 1947
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What was the Marshall Plan?
In June 1947, Marshall said that the USA would give the west European countries money and equipment to rebuild
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What did Britain, France, and USA do with their parts of Germany and Berlin?
They wanted to help Germany recover and combined their sections of Germany and Berlin. In 1948, they introduced a new currency called the Deutsch-mark and life began to improve
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What did Stalin want to do with this part of Germany and Berlin?
He wanted revenge for the war and wanted to make sure that Germany would never be as strong again, he took machinery apart and transported it to the USSR. He also set up a communist government. He wanted nothing to do with the other powers
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What was Stalin's blockade plan?
He wanted to starve the West of Berlin by closing all roads and railways running through his side of Germany
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What did the Western powers do in retaliation to the Blockade?
It was decided to air lift supplies into West Berlin. From June-May, there were over 275,000 flights in and out of Berlin, Stalin noticed this
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What did the Western Powers do after the Airlift?
They decided to join their areas of Germany together and make a new country, West Germany. Stalin retaliated with make his portion East Germany.
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When and what did 'The East' form?


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Did 'The West' and 'The East' use weapons?


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