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1. From Loftus and Palmer's study, what are the two types of information that go into an individual's memory for a complex occurence?

  • Sounds and images from the event
  • Information obtained directly from the event and information obtained after the event.
  • Information from before the event and information from during the event
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2. What were the verbs used in experiment 1?

  • hit, bumped, collided, touched, smashed
  • hit, crashed, collided, bumped, contacted
  • hit, bumped, collided, smashed, contacted
  • hit, crashed, collided, smashed, contacted

3. What were the verbs used in experiment 2?

  • bumped, smashed
  • hit, smashed
  • hit, crashed
  • bumped, crashed

4. What Research Method did Loftus and Palmer use?

  • Observation
  • Lab Experiment
  • Field Experiment
  • Quasi Experiment

5. What conclusion can be made from Grant's study into context-dependent memory?

  • Students should listen to classical music when studying
  • Students should study in silence as their exams are in silence
  • Students should study in silence as noise is distracting
  • Students should study in quiet places such as libraries


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