The City Dionysia

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1. What did the Proargon do?

  • Publicised the plays in advance of their performance.
  • Showed off the actor's costumes
  • It was a chance for men to demonstrate their manliness by seeing who could throw the javelin the furthest
  • Let the actors practice on the stage
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2. What did the judges swear?

  • To be rigerous
  • To not drink any wine and get drunk
  • An oath of impartiality
  • Not to kill anyone

3. Who were the epheboi?

  • Young men of military age
  • Men who had won battles
  • The councillors of Athens

4. What happened to judge the playwrights?

  • An assembly was held to review the festival, Archons might be praised or critisied
  • Each judge wrote his order of merit on a stone tablet, the Archon drew 5, the verdict was decided on the order of merit on these 5 tablets
  • An ivy wreath was given to the best choregos, a bronze tripod to the best poet

5. What were the masks made out of?

  • Birch wood which was then painted with mud
  • Linen, plaster + then painted
  • Wool
  • Cement and face dye


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