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2. What is the brain made up of?

  • Different types of tissues
  • Neurones
  • Neurones and Fat

3. What does the Hypothalamus do

  • secretes hormones
  • process information to and from the spinal cord, release hormones and regulate the body temperature
  • unconscious activities

4. Why are X rays not used on the brain

  • x rays don't detect the tissues int he brain therefore it is waste of money
  • the idosized radiation can damage the cells in the brain and increase the liklihood of cancer developing
  • there are no skeletal features in the brain so there is no point

5. What is the function of the Cerebrum?

  • breating and digestion
  • secretes hormones
  • Conscious thought, reasoning, memory,emotion and language
  • muscle movement and balance


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