The Biological Approach

Patient could only say 'tan' - post mortem showed a lesion in left frontal lobe
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Patients could talk but couldn't comprehend language - lesion in left temporal lobe
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Siffre (1975)
lived in a cave with no external cues (light) and when emerged, believed the date to be a month earlier meaning his circadian rhythm increased
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Aschoff and Weber
Participants stayed in a bunker with only artificial light - cycle lengthened to 25-27 hours
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Duffy et al
Individual differences in circadian rhythms - morning people: 6am - 10pm. Evening people: 10am - 1am
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Morgan (1995)
Bred hamsters with 20 hour rhythm then transplanted SCN neurons into the brains of normal hamsters - rhythms changed
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Russel et al
Found that women's menstrual cycles synchronised due to odour exposure (sweat put on upper lip) even when the groups were separate
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Women who spent 3 months in a cave - menstrual cycle shortened to 25.7 days (from 28)
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Equipotentiality theory - higher order functions aren't lateralised
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Studied hemispheric lateralisation with 11 split-brain patients. Picture presented to left visual field, processed by right and vice-versa
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Describe what you see
Patients weren't able to if presented to left visual field as language is dominant in the left hemisphere - could describe if presented to RVF
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Drawing task
Left hand (controlled by RH) could draw better pictures that right hand even though all participants were right handed - right hemisphere is for visual motor tasks.
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Rogers et al
Chicken - brain lateralisation enables multitasking as only using one hemisphere leaves the other hemisphere free to engage in other functions
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Turk et al
Patient suffered damage to left hemisphere but developed the capacity to speak in RH - suggests lateralisation isn't fixed and the brain can adapt
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Maguire et al
Role of the hippocampus is to facilitate spacial memory and navigation. MRI scans on male London taxi drivers (50 non taxi drivers to compare) - larger volume of hippocampus - correlation between amount of time taxi driving and volume in hippocampus
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Kuhn et al
Found an increase in grey matter in various regions of the brain after participants played video games for 30 minutes over a two month period
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Patients could talk but couldn't comprehend language - lesion in left temporal lobe

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Siffre (1975)


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Aschoff and Weber


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Duffy et al


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