The Balkans

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1. What was the Serbian Coup 1903?

  • A Russian plot to invade Serbia
  • A plot to invade Austria
  • Old Austrian king killed and replaced with pro Russian King Paul
  • A plot to invade Serbia
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2. What treaties solved the second Balkans war?

  • Treaty of Berlin
  • Treaty of Sarajevo and Bucharest
  • Treaty of Bucharest and Constinatople
  • Treaty of London

3. What empire had Balkan states previously belonged to?

  • German
  • Russia
  • Ottoman
  • Austria-Hungarian

4. What event sparked the 1908-09 Bosnian Crisis?

  • Russia annexing Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Austria-Hungary annexation of Bosnia-Herezegovina
  • Russia claiming access to the Straits
  • Pan-Slavism

5. Which Balkan state turned on the others in the Second Balkan War?

  • Montenegro
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Serbia


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