The 1905 Revolution

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When did Alexander III die?
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Who took over from him as Tsar?
Nicholas II
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THE 1891-92 FAMINE
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Who was the finance minister at the time?
Ivan Vyshnegradsky
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How many people died during the famine?
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What was Ivan Vyshnegradsky's response?
"We ourselves shall not eat but we shall export" He kept exporting grain
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What happened when the govenrment proposed a ban on cereal exports?
Merchants rushed to export as much grain as they could which led to even more starvation
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Why did the government not address the famine or even call it a famine and what was the people's response?
They didn't want to cause a panic but instead they made people think that the government was trying to cover it up so it caused resentment
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How did the Russo-Japanese War contribute to the 1905 revolution?
It was an embarrassing defeat and the first instance of a western power being beaten by a eastern power
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Was the war a popular campaign in the eyes of the people?
No, the war was not popular
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What did foreigners of the empire react when they lost the war?
They celebrated at the Russian defeat and rioted
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In Poland how many strikes were there?
More than the rest of the empire combined
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How many troops were put in Poland alone?
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How many Jews were killed by the Black Hundred to "maintain the peace"
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What happened on the Battleship Potemkin?
The crew mutineered over their commander due to mouldy bread with maggots in it.
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What happened when they returned to Russia?
They were celebrated by the locals in rebellion to the government
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How many people were killed by the army when troops were deployed to arrest the crew of the ship?
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Where did the crew go to afterwards to escape from Russian authorities?
Romania, they traded the battleship for passage into the country
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When was Bloody Sunday?
January 1905
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How many protesters marched on the winter palace?
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Who were they led by?
A priest named Father Gappon
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What did they want and were they violent?
They were not violent, they demanded more pay and less hours while holding up signatures from 100,000 workers
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How many people were killed when the guards fired on them out of fear?
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What image of the Tsar did this event destroy?
"The Little Father" and the "God Tsar
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What percentage of the factory workforce went on strike?
3/4 (400,000)
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What was the peasant reaction to the 1905 revolution?
They destroyed 15% of manors in the countryside and stole all the grain and wood they could find
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How many times was the army deployed to put down peasant uprisings?
2,700 times
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What made this revolution so ineffective in overthrowing the Tsar that the 1917 revolution had?
The worker and peasant unions were not organised with each other
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By October what had happened to the railway network?
It had ceased to move as railway workers went on strike
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Who did the Tsar assign as Minister of the Interior after the previous one was blown up?
Prince Mirsky
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What did Mirsky ask the Tsar? And what was his response?
To create a consultative parliament in order to win over some of the moderates. The Tsar refused.
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As the country was plunged into chaos what was the Tsar's diary filled with?
Comments on the weather and company at tea.
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What was the Bulygin Duma?
It was the Tsar's way of conceding to a consultative parkiament but the people no longer just wanted a parliament so this did not stop the revolution
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How many people were eligible to vote for the Bulygin Duma?
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How many people died in the 1905 revolution?
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What was the October Manifesto?
It was a way of stopping the revolution and it gave freedoms to the Russian poeple
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Who was this negotiated by?
Sergei Witte
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What was the Duma?
It was established to be an advisory body to the government
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What was the governments repsonse when the Moscow SD attempted to capitalise on the 211 mutinies in the army between October and December?
Its leaders were arrested and 1,000 unamred civillians killed on suspocion of being revolutionaries
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What was "martial law" and who came up with the idea?
It was a state in which the police could arrest anyone they wanted and execute at will to contain anymore uprisings after 1905 and it was thought up by Pyotr Stolypin
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How many people were executed as a result of this rule and what was it referred to as?
3,000 were hanged and it was called the "Stolypin Necktie"
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Did Nicholas II follow through with the October Manifesto?
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Who was made the 1st Prime Minister of Russia?
Pyotr Stolypin
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When was the 1st Duma dissolved? Why?
1906, its policies were to radical for the Tsar (Kadets dominated the Duma)
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What happened to the Kadet party after the dissolving of the 1st Duma?
They called for widespread civil disobedience which got them arrested and the party shut down
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When was the 2nd Duma dissolved? Why?
1907, They refused to pass through Stolypin's Land Reforms
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THE 1891-92 FAMINE


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