Thatcher and The New Right

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1. What did the new conservatives want business to be free from

  • Trade Unions alone
  • High taxes alone
  • Government interference/intervention, trade unions and other large powerful corporations
  • Government interference alone
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2. What did they believe was the solution for economic problems?

  • shutting down businesses eating up money
  • Putting more money into big businesses
  • Free Markets
  • Cutting off trade unions

3. Where were most large nationalised industries sent off to?

  • These were sent off into private hands. These include gas, electricity, water, telecommunication, steal and coal industries.
  • These were partly sent off to private hands and partly owned by government.
  • They were sent off to Europe. These included gas, electricity and coal industries.
  • These were given to the trade unions to take charge of. Mainly coal, gas and electricity companies

4. What was Margaret Thatchers main beliefs to boost economy?

  • Free Markets + allowing people to buy their own homes
  • Free Markets
  • Free Market + idea of Neo-liberalism
  • Neo-liberalism


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