Thames estuary (Globnal Warming)

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1. Which of these is NOT a process of Tidal Surges?

  • 'hump' of water moves eastward
  • 'hump' of water speeds up in movement
  • sea beneath pressure rises above norm
  • trough of low pressure moves across atlantic
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2. Thames gateway allows what?

  • more development on estuaryh shore
  • more shops to bebhilt riverside
  • housing
  • people to swim in the Thames

3. Which of these is NOT a reason for the rising tide levels?

  • London settled on clay bed
  • Increased flooding
  • more storms
  • higher mean sea level

4. the tide levels has been rising how much per century?

  • 5 m
  • 1 m
  • 60 cm
  • 25 cm

5. Thames estuary has a long istory of what?

  • flooding
  • citizens
  • tourism
  • airplanes


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