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1. What is the working triangle?

  • A design that uses a specific type of material
  • this term is used to describe the range of movement needed for a particular task
  • A design that aims to be suitable for everybody
  • A design that is aimed at a specific group
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2. What is Anthropemetrics?

  • Stereotypes
  • the factors that are concerned with the physical limitations of people
  • The study of the human body and the movement of each part of the body
  • The study of efficiency of people in their working environment

3. What was Art Deco influenced by?

  • Animals
  • Industry
  • Wave movement
  • Nature

4. What is planned obsolescence?

  • Products that have been made to be iconic
  • Products that have been made to have a short life
  • Products that have been made to have a long life
  • Products that have been made colourful

5. What are patents used to protect?

  • New inventions
  • Logos
  • The discovery of new materials
  • Mass production of a product


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