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I'll try to fit a load in, because it will help me, and you I hope!

Oh and some of the more random questions..I got a bit bored ;) watch out for that Haggis!

Also it's in a completely random order, because it got annoying and wouldn't reorder so I got confused and gave up.

Probably not the best way to spend the last night before my exam. You'd best like it!!

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1. What is the direction of the wale in knitting?

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal`
  • Diagonal
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2. What is the direction of the weft in weaving?

  • Horizontal
  • Diagonal
  • Vertical

3. What is the percentage of its weight cotton can absorb without dripping?

  • 20%
  • 65%
  • 78%
  • 60%
  • 50%

4. How are non-woven fabrics made?

  • Weaving them using a satin weave
  • Bonding or felting the fibres together
  • By blowing on the fibres to stick them together. Nothing like a bit of saliva.

5. Ramie is a cheap fibre to use/buy

  • False
  • True




Look at this comment after you've done the quiz!!!

The way i remember weft and warp are..weft, is to the left! So across the fabric, and warp is the other one, down the length vertical.

Wale (for knitting) is a whale swimming down..and course is how coarse the fabric is..on the top, across. 

Hope this helps! :) x



Nice facts, and to my surprise, i got the bunny question right!

I thought the cotton being able to absorb 65% of its weight before dripping was a good question!

I also use that ''weft is left'' thing to help me too!! haha

Thanks for the quiz!



you can also remember warp and weft threads as in... weft to the left and warp to the tooopp (said in a posh voice) i use the method all the time :P

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