Textile fibres

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What are 2 classifications of fibres?
Natural and man-made
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What are natural fibres?
Animal; mineral and vegetable
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What are man-made fibres?
Natural and synthetic materials not in group
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Examples of natural fibres?
Wool, silk, cotton
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Example of man-made fibres?
Carbon, metal, cellulose, viscose, modal
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What are synthetic polymer fibres?
2 materials mixed to become 1 fibre
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If you looked under a microscope how would you identify each fibre?
Trilobal = nylon; round = nylon/polyester; bean = acrylic; lobular = acetate; dogbone = acrylic; multilobal = viscose; triangular = silk
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What methods would you use to analyse fibres?
Thin layer chromotography; fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; tape search; dye classification; birefringence; microspectrophotometry
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How would you collect fibres at the crime scene?
Light source (UV, laser, high intensity); vacuuming; tapings; handpicking; scraping; only extraneous fibres; whole surface area
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What are the principles around textile fibres?
Locard's principle and persistence
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What is locards theory?
Direct and indirect transfer; primary/secondary transfer; 2 things cannot come into contact with each other without leaving a trace of intself in a mutual exchange
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What is ****?
Time; washing; activity; texile/texture
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What characteristics would you look for when analysing fibres?
Lustre; size; cross section; shape; colour; fibre type
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What is the probative value of fibres?
Likelihood of finding by chance; matching fibres; number of fibres significant; common; uniqueness
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What are natural fibres?


Animal; mineral and vegetable

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What are man-made fibres?


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Examples of natural fibres?


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Example of man-made fibres?


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