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2. What do u add to dissolve the bromine preciptate?

  • Excess barium nitrate
  • Dilute ammonia
  • Concentrated ammonia
  • Excess silver nitare

3. What are the observations for the sulphate reaction?

  • Dissovles
  • Barium sulphate precipitate in a colourless solution
  • Fizzes as co2 gas given off
  • Barium sulphate precipitate in a blue solution

4. What is the first thing you add to test for a halide ion ?

  • Add concentrated ammonia
  • Add silver nitrate
  • Add sodium hyroxide
  • Add chlorine

5. What are the obersavations of the testing for chloride reaction and why does this happen?

  • Fizzes because co2 gas is given off
  • Dissolves
  • Fizzes because oxygen is given off
  • Catches fire


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