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Foreshadowing Fate- battle
"Did not help Tess in her life's battle as of yet"
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Social Class- bedroom
"large bedroom where Tess and all her little brothers and sisters slept"
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Social Class- laughing
"Laughing at her poverty"
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Shame- danced
'Why I danced and laughed only yesterday!'...."To think I was such a fool"
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Shame- blame
"Nobody blamed Tess as she blamed herself"
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Shame- murder
"she regarded herself in the light of a murderess"
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Lack of Control- going
"If you say she ought to go, she will go" Joan to John
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Lack of Control- decisions
" I don't know it is for you to decide"
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Lack of Control- diamond
"Perhaps to show his diamond ring" murmured Sir John , dreamily from his chair
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Treatment of Women- waist
"Now then put you arms round my waist again as you did before, my beauty"
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Foreshadowing Fate- Grey
"a grey country of which she knew nothing"
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Foreshadowing Fate- moon
"Luminous fog" and "moonlight in suspension"
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Foreshadowing Fate- angel
"Where was Tess's guardian angel?"
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Foreshadowing Fate- fatalistic
Foreshadowing Fate"saying among each other in their fatalistic way: It was to be"
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Treatment of Women- forgotten
"he had quite forgotten" but she had not"
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Naivety- men
"Why didn't you tell me there was danger in men-folk"
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Foreshadowing Fate- God
"Tis nater after all, and what do please God!"
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Foreshadowing Fate- wood
"The maid who went into the merry green wood and came back a changed state"
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Shame- anger
"Heap as much anger as you want upon me, but pity the child"
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Foreshadowing Fate- power
"But it had not been in Tess' power"
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Hope- foundation
"Had laid a new foundation for her future"
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Idealisation- virginal
"What a fresh and virginal daughter of nature that milkmaid is"
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Idealisation- vision
"Visionary essence of a woman"
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Treatment of Women- angels kindness
"his care" and "tender respect"- Angel presented as antithesis of Alec
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Treatment of Women- mouth
"too tempting mouth"
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Social Class- marriage
"dared he marry her, what would his mother think?"
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Foreshadowing Fate- past
"turmoil of her own past"
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Social Class- worthy
"I am not good enough, not worthy enough"
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Social Class- names
"Tess you must spell your name correctly - d'urberville!"
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Idealisation- happiness
"idyllic creature"
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Dreams vs Reality- becoming something else
"you were one person now you are another"
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Dreams vs Reality- loving something else
"The woman I have been loving is not you"
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Treatment of Women- slave
"I will obey you like your wretched slave"
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Treatment of Women- mute
"She remained mute"
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Nature- weather
"The rain was over and the night was now clear"
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Naivety- child
"Angel Angel! I was a child when it happened! I knew nothing of men"
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Social Class- everything about poverty is bad
"Decrepit families imply decrepit wills, decrepit conduct"
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Shame- Suicide
"The river is down there I can put an end to myself in it. I am not afraid"
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Treatment of Women- dutifully
"She said dutifully"
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Treatment of Women- robotic
"mechanically readjusting"
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Shame- parents
"How would she be able to face her parents?"
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Shame- foolish
"O you little fool, you little fool"
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Shame- house
"She did not reach the house unobserved"
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Blame- unhappiness
"Wives are unhappy sometimes, from no fault of their husbands- from their own"
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Blame- danger
"i should not look too often on you. It might be dangerous"
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Treatment of Women- victim
"once victim. Always a victim"
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Treatment of Women- winning
"He has won me back to him"... "These clothes are what hes put upon me"
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Regain of Self Control- walking
"I feel strong enough to walk any distance"
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Foreshadowing Fate- before death
"It is as it should be"..."i am ready"
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Social Class- bedroom


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Social Class- laughing


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