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2. What is heading?

  • using words like 'right' and 'you know'
  • beating around the bush
  • need for more than one attempt to utter a word or phrase
  • sounds like 'erm' and 'er' to fill a pause

3. What involves moving from one topic to a related topic or from one aspect of the current topic of another?

  • resuming
  • shifting
  • changing
  • drifting

4. What is overlapping?

  • utterance which does not follow the rules of written grammer
  • shortened expression
  • one or more participate speaks at the same time
  • previous topic overlaps during the conversation

5. What is the term for when a speaker begins a turn before stopping and then rephrases there answer?

  • false start
  • incorrect utterance
  • recycling
  • mode


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