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2. What is overlapping?

  • shortened expression
  • previous topic overlaps during the conversation
  • one or more participate speaks at the same time
  • utterance which does not follow the rules of written grammer

3. If someone was to say 'er' and 'erm' what would they be doing?

  • hesitating
  • pausing
  • doing a flase start
  • doing a micro-pause

4. What is an accent?

  • itelligence
  • the words that we use
  • How you speak based on sound/ where you come from
  • the way in which you bring up a topic

5. What is self-correction?

  • immediate repetition of a word. phrase or clause
  • mitigating the strength of a statement
  • the amendment of a mistake - usually the wrong lexical choice by a speaker
  • The repetition of a word or phrase


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