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1. When must the action of an ablative absolute happen when a present participle is used?

  • during a different sentence
  • the same time as the rest of the sentence
  • after the rest of the sentence
  • before the rest of the sentence
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2. What are two examples of a perfect passive?

  • portati sunt, portatus sum
  • portatus eram, portabamini
  • portatus est, portor
  • portati sumus, portabaris

3. Which sentence contains an ablative absolute?

  • omnibus tacentibus, libertus nomina recitavit
  • morturi te salutamus
  • magnus strepitus a me auditur
  • portati sunt

4. "proficiscor" is a ...

  • future participle
  • deponent verb
  • present passive participle
  • ablative absolute

5. How are future participles translated?

  • now
  • about to
  • before
  • during


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