Tectonic plates

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Name two differences between continental and oceanic plates
Continental plates are less dense and thicker whereas oceanic plates are thinner and more dense
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Name the type of plate margin where two plates are moving towards each other
A destructive subduction or a destructive collision plate boundery
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What is an ocean trench
Deep sections of the ocean usually where an oceanic plate is sinking below a continental plate
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Name the type of plate boundary where the plates are moving sideways against each other
A conservative plate boundery
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How are fold mountains formed
They occur at destructive plate boundaries when sediment left on the ocean floor is crumpled from the force of the plate boundaries to form fold mountains
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Name one range of fold mountains
The andes
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How are the Andes used by people
They are used for farming: potatoes, soybeans, rice and cotton. However terraces have to be used. They are also used for mining such as tun, silver and gold. The steep slopes are also used for hydroelectric power and attractions such as the Incatrail
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Describe the structure of the earth
The crust, which move by convection currents, the mantel which moves like a liquid and the inner and outer crust.
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What formations occur at constructive plate bounderies
shield volacanoes which have shallow slopes, wide base, frequent eruptions however they are not violent
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Mt St Helons describe both the primary and secondary effects.
Primary effects include, 12 mile hour ash cloud, hot ash and gas destroy forests and logging camps. Also 250 square miles are destroyed. Also secondary effects include: ash blockin river, which destroyed fishing sites.flooding destroyed communicatio
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Name 3 short term and three long term responses of the mt st helens earthquake
Short term responses include: a helicopter rescue team was mobilized, ash was cleared from roads and extra masks were promised by the president. Long term responses include: the soil was more fertile, trees were replanted and a visitors memorial.
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Name three ways which we can predict or monitor a volcano
The size and movement of the volcano is monitored using tiltmeters, gps can detect movement from 1mm and robots are sent into the volcano to monitor.
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Give three characteristics of a super volcano
The ash cloud would have global catastrophic effects, global climate would change and crops would fail.
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Name one super volcano
Yellow stone
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What is the focus and the epicenter of the earthquake.
The focus is where the earthquake originates from and the epicenter is the point on the surface directly above the focus
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Name two differences between the Richter scale and the mercalli scale
The richter scale measures the strength of the earthquake and uses a 10x measuring effect whereas the mercalli scale measures the effect of the earthquake and is out of 10
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Where and why do earthquakes occur
they occur at destructive, conservative and constructive plate bounderies. They occur when two plates catch and pressure is built up, when this releases the pressure releases and an earthquake is caused.
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Name three primary and secondary effects of the Kobe earthquake
Primary effects include:the death of 6434 people, Panasonic closed temporarily, and 40,000 were injured. Secondary effects including fires and homelessness (300,000)
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Compare the responses between the kobe earthquake and the sichuan earthquake
foreign aid was required for Sichuan, red cross £100 million, the Chinese goverment wrote off all debts to the survivors. However kobe was able to help itself, with local help. 7 11 providing supplies and motorola provided free calls
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Describe one way buildings can be designed to reduce the impacts of earthquakes
Falling glass is prevented by automatic closing windows
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Give one example of a tsunami and describe its effects
the Indian ocean tsunami killed 650,000 people and bodies littered the streets
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Name the type of plate margin where two plates are moving towards each other


A destructive subduction or a destructive collision plate boundery

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Name the type of plate boundary where the plates are moving sideways against each other


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