TB and HIV


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1. Why do secondary infections occur in HIV/AIDS?

  • reduced T helper cell numbers
  • reduced hormonal secretion
  • increased T killer cell numbers
  • reduced T killer cell numbers
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2. HIV/AIDS doesn't kill you, true or false?

  • false - you only have 1 year to live after infection
  • false - it destroys your lungs so you cannot breathe
  • true - you die of the secondary infection
  • true - you HIV/AIDS is curable

3. What happens if a healthy person is infected with TB?

  • tubercule forms in brain
  • localised inflammatory response forming a tubercule in lungs
  • death
  • active tuberculosis forms in the lungs and the person is infectious

4. What are common treatment options for TB?

  • detected by x-ray and surgically remove bacteria
  • detected using by x-ray and use antibiotics
  • detect using CT scan and use antibiotics
  • detected by MRI and use antibiotics

5. What does the TB bacteria attack to cause symptoms?

  • the heart valves
  • lung capillaries
  • the alveoli
  • brain tissue



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