TB9 SPA Lecture 3; Political communication

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1. How does delivery affect applause according to Atkinson?

  • Delivery increases the chance of a rhetorical device receiving applause
  • Delivery indicates whether or not a rhetorical device is to be taken as an applause invitation
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2. How much of collective applause was associated with 7 rhetorical devices?

  • 1/5
  • 2/3
  • 1/3
  • 1/2

3. Which of these characterises non-interrogative syntax?

  • Moodless, indirect, Yes/no/polar
  • Declarative, moodless, indirect
  • Yes/no/polar, alternative/disjunctive, indirect
  • Yes/no/polar, alternative/disjunctive, wh-/interrogative word

4. In Bulls & Wells (2002), what % of applause was uninvited due to direct response to speech content or misreading of rhetorical devices?

  • 14%
  • 60%
  • 20%
  • 10%

5. In Bull et al (1996s) analysis of face threats in political interviews, what were the three superordinate categories?

  • Personal face, face of the party they represent, face of significant others
  • Conflictual face, personal face, impersonal face
  • Non-conflictual face, personal face, impersonal face
  • Face of the party they represent, face of significant others, conflictual face


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