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2. What do cases of paralysis suggest?

  • Support the NCM distinction between spontaneous and voluntary facial expressions
  • Support the NCM distinction between learned/posed expressions

3. What is the innate hypothesis, proposed by Darwin (1872)?

  • Facial expressions are universal and understandable in terms of evolution
  • There are 6 basic expressions with nx complex emotions
  • There are 6 basic emotions which can be modified by cultural display routines and two core types of expression, innate/spontaneous and learned/posed.
  • There are two core types of expression, innate/spontaneous and learned/posed which can be affected by display rules

4. What are the 4 cultural display routines proposed by Ekman (1972)?

  • Divergence, amplification, concealment, substitution
  • Attenuation, discontinuation, convergence and amplification
  • Attenuation, amplification, concealment, substitution
  • Discontinuation, amplification, submission and convergence

5. What are 4 methods of deception detection?

  • Morphology, timing, symmetry, cohesion
  • Microexpressions, micromanagement, cohesion, imbalance
  • Timing, asymmetry, covergence/divergence, EEG
  • Morphology, convergence/divergence, microexpressions, sphericity


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