TB9 SPA Lecture 1; Social psychology of language

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1. What were the dimensions used in Fuertes et al (2012) meta analysis of standard and non-standard accents?

  • Status, solidarity and dynamism
  • Status, dynamism and prestige
  • Prestige, dynamism and order
  • Dynamism, order and status
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2. What is the main idea behind Communication Accomodation theory?

  • Individuals may be evaluated more favourably by reducing dissimilarities
  • Individuals may be evaluated more favourably by increasing dissimilarities

3. Which female accent was rated the highest in Smith & Workman (2008)?

  • RP
  • London
  • Yorkshire
  • Birmingham

4. What did Duncan and Fiske (1985) find a correlation between?

  • Fillers/pauses and smooth speaker switches (a negative relationship)
  • Number of turn-yielding cues and smooth speaker switches
  • Grammatical errors and turn-taking
  • Number of hand gestures and smooth speaker switches

5. What were the 4 dimensions in typology of interruptions by Roger, Bull and Smith (1988)?

  • Successful v.s unsuccessful and turn yielding v.s turn taking
  • Successful v.s turn-taking and unsuccessful v.s turn-yielding
  • Simple v.s complex and successful v.s unsuccessful
  • Simple v.s complex and turn yielding v.s turn taking


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