TB9 SPA Lecture 1; Social psychology of language

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1. Which theory is communication accomodation theory based on?

  • Simulation theory
  • Communicative conflict theory
  • Communicative theory of equivocation
  • Speech accomodation theory
  • Theory theory
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2. What is speech equivocation?

  • The result of any communicative situation
  • ALWAYS occurs in response to communicative conflicts
  • Intentional use of imprecise language
  • To what extent a response is the users own opinion

3. What was the main finding from Fuertes et al (2012)?

  • Standard accents rated highest on ALL dimensions
  • Non-standard accents rated higher on dynamism and solidarity but not on status
  • Non-standard accents rated higher on ALL dimensions
  • Standard accents rated higher on status and dynamism but not on solidarity

4. What is the main idea behind Communication Accomodation theory?

  • Individuals may be evaluated more favourably by reducing dissimilarities
  • Individuals may be evaluated more favourably by increasing dissimilarities

5. If a welsh persons reasons for studying welsh were attacked by an english speaker and they increase their welsh accent, what is this an example of?

  • Optimal convergence
  • Optimal divergence
  • Divergence
  • Convergence


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