TB9 P&C Lecture 4; Emotion and memory

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1. What is a key issue in arousal and memory?

  • Whether arousal really affects memory
  • Whether emotion and arousal can be disassociated
  • Whether general levels or arousal v.s the kind of emotion that is having the effect
  • Whether emotion really affects memory
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2. Which influences memory consolidation more?

  • Semantic salience
  • Arousal
  • Emotional valence
  • Perceptual valence

3. Automatic encoding of emotion...?

  • Facilitates consolidation
  • Only impacts LTM
  • Facilitates retrieval
  • Impacts STM

4. As people get older they exhibit the positive memory bias which is...?

  • They try to maintain wellbeing and recall more positive than negative memories
  • Their retrieval of all emotional memories is suppressed
  • They become depressed and retrieve more negative memories
  • Their retrieval of emotional memories does not change

5. What is a flashbulb memory?

  • A 'print now' in memory system for important events. Emotional salience doesnt matter
  • A 'print now' in memory system for emotionally salient, highly arousing and important events. They are unique relative to other memories
  • Accurate and highly detailed memories of highly arousing events (negative)
  • Inaccurate but highly detailed memories of low arousal events (negative)


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