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2. Which is transient and so exhibits extinction in conditioning?

  • Autonomic
  • Evaluative

3. How to measure the startle reflex?

  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Electric response potentials (ERP)
  • Motor evoked potentials (MEP)
  • fMRI

4. When a face (CS+) is paired with an aversive stimulus e.g loud noise...

  • There is no change in cortical activity when viewing a CS+ face
  • The processing of the face associated with the aversive stimulus (CS+) is reduced in visual cortex
  • FFA becomes more active when viewing the CS+ face over a CS baseline face
  • Only the insula can be affected by such face conditioning

5. Which muscle is associated with negative emotions?

  • Corrugator
  • Zygomaticus
  • Eye folds
  • Mouth/jaw


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