TB9 P&C Lecture 2; Perception and Attention

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1. In studies of blindsight pps, what was found re; amygdala activation?

  • Amygdala discriminates emotions of faces even if in scotoma i.e below concious processing
  • Amygdala cannot discriminate emotions of faces in scotoma
  • Amygdala active when stimulus in sighted visual areas but not in scotoma
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2. In Anderson & Phelps (2001), what was the main finding for the bilateral amygdala damage group?

  • No difference between emotional and neutral stimuli
  • Reduced attentional blink effects when target 2 is emotional

3. What is/are the main area(s) in the attention-orienting system?

  • Ventral frontal cortex
  • Temporo-parietal junctionn and ventral frontal cortex
  • Temporo-parietal junction
  • Amygdala

4. The emotion of a face can;

  • None of the above
  • Only affect other emotional stimuli
  • Facilitate early visual processes e.g contrast sensitivity
  • Only influence high-level semantic processes

5. In the emotional stroop task, negative words like 'cancer' can;

  • Decrease arousal
  • Cause MORE interference than neutral words
  • Cause LESS interference than neutral words
  • Speed up reaction times


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