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2. At what age can children become aware of gender discrimination?

  • 5y
  • 6y
  • 7y
  • 8y

3. Maccoby (1998) and Killen (2007) both concluded that...

  • It is common for children to exclude a playmate based on gender alone
  • Boys were more likely to notice gender discrimination in a playground context
  • Females spend more time in pretend play than males
  • Boys spent more time in same-sex play than girls

4. Which was NOT a finding of Saarni's (1984) unwanted gift paradigm?

  • 10-11y always reacted positively
  • 6y girls were always negative
  • 6-9y looked to parents to guide response
  • 6y boys were always negative

5. The 5 components of self esteem were developed by...

  • Maccoby
  • Kohlberg
  • Harter
  • Bigelow


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