TB9, L3 - Middle Childhood

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1. Which is NOT a finding from the Dittmar, Halliwell and We (2006) study?

  • Older girls showed higher body satisfaction after viewing Barbie
  • Both older and younger girls showed higher projected body dissatisfaction after viewing Emme
  • Older girls showed lower body satisfaction after viewing Barbie
  • Younger girls showed more detrimental effects after viewing Barbie
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2. A younger childs self description will likely NOT include?

  • Characteristics
  • Likes/dislikes
  • Family role
  • Possessions

3. Which was NOT a finding of Saarni's (1984) unwanted gift paradigm?

  • 6-9y looked to parents to guide response
  • 10-11y always reacted positively
  • 6y girls were always negative
  • 6y boys were always negative

4. At what age will a child begin to distinguish between real and ideal self?

  • 8y
  • 10y
  • 6y
  • 5y

5. Killen and Stangor (2001) showed that...

  • Transitions between schools may affect self esteem
  • Children can be aware of the exclusion of a character based on gender
  • Some contexts affect relational self worth more than others
  • None of the above


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