TB9, L2 - Early Childhood

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1. Which is NOT true of a gender schema

  • Helps to understand gender roles
  • Helps to organise social information relating to gender
  • Does not develop until a child has achieved gender constancy
  • Guides learning
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2. What age group is early childhood defined as?

  • 2-6y
  • 1-3y
  • 6-12y
  • 0-4y

3. Which is NOT true of children who engaged in more violent pretend play?

  • Less angry
  • Conflicted friendships
  • Antisocial
  • Less positive

4. Fagot (1985) examined the relationship between....

  • Number of siblings and performance on a false belief task
  • Peers reactions and gender inappropriate behaviour
  • Theory of mind and mental state talk
  • Parent reactions to types of male and female play

5. Gender stereotype can be described as....

  • Beliefs in a culture about how males and females should behave
  • None of the above
  • The process by which children acquire appropriate values and behaviours
  • How a child categorises their own gender based on previous experience


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