TB9, L2 - Early Childhood

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1. Which of the following is NOT true?

  • Children who engage in more shared play score higher on TOM tasks
  • Mental state talk has no relation to performance on a false belief task
  • Mental state talk is more frequent and advanced in girls than boys
  • Mental state talk within play is related to TOM
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2. Youngblade and Dunn (1995) showed that...

  • None of the above
  • That level of pretence at age 33m related to later mental state understanding
  • There was a significant relationship between mental state talk and performance on a TOM task
  • There was a significant correlation between theory of mind and number of siblings

3. Gender stereotype can be described as....

  • How a child categorises their own gender based on previous experience
  • Beliefs in a culture about how males and females should behave
  • The process by which children acquire appropriate values and behaviours
  • None of the above

4. Martin and Halverson (1983) showed that...

  • Children's memories were better for gender-consistent than gender-inconsistent stories
  • There was a difference in the way parents played with male vs female children
  • Children's memories were better for gender-inconsistent than gender-consistent stories
  • There was no difference in children's memory abilities for gender-consistent or inconsistent memories

5. What age group is early childhood defined as?

  • 0-4y
  • 2-6y
  • 6-12y
  • 1-3y


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