TB9, L2 - Early Childhood

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1. Dockett (1998) studied the relationship between...

  • None of the above
  • Play training and enhanced cognitive abilities
  • Performance of English and Japanese children on a false belief task
  • Sociodramatic play in Israeli children and language skills
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2. Which is true of the correlation between proportion of violence at 4y and moral emotional justification at 6y

  • No correlation
  • Significant negative correlation
  • Significant positive correlation
  • Non-significant negative correlation

3. Dunn and Hughes (2001) found that...

  • None of the above
  • Mental state talk is more frequent and advanced in girls than boys
  • Violent pretend play was negatively correlated with TOM
  • Violent pretend play was positively correlated with TOM

4. Gender constancy can be best described as

  • None of the above
  • A child knowing that gender does not change as a result of external attributes e.g. clothing
  • A child knowing that gender remains stable over time
  • A child gaining an understanding of gender

5. At what age does Kohlberg state gender stability occurs?

  • 3-4y
  • 4-5y
  • 2-3y
  • 5-6y


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