TB9, L1 - Infancy

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1. What did Fogel and Lewis hypothesise?

  • None of the above
  • That behaviour impacts on physical and social objects
  • The sense of self develops through social interaction, implicit sense of interpersonal self central to development
  • Infants develop the emergent self during the first 2 months and learn relation of intercessory experiences
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2. Which is NOT true of parents mirroring infants

  • Is a form of protoconversation
  • It strengthens attachments
  • Provides self-knowledge
  • Is a type of scaffolding

3. At what age to children with DS typically pass the rouge test?

  • 3-4y
  • 5-6y
  • 2-3y
  • 4-5y

4. Social referencing can be described as?

  • Using others responses to guide own during ambiguous situations
  • None of the above
  • A child imitating a parents behaviour
  • Children communicating during pretend play

5. "Meta communication about play" best describes which type of play?

  • Complementary and reciprocal play
  • Complex social pretend
  • Cooperative social pretend
  • Parallel aware


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