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2. At what age do children internalise sensory motor schemas?

  • 18-24m
  • 12-18m
  • 24-30m
  • 6-12m

3. "Different roles in social pretend play" best describes which type of play?

  • Complex social pretend
  • Cooperative social pretend
  • Social simple
  • Complementary and reciprocal play

4. Which of the following describes the conceptual self?

  • Knowing that the self is continuous over time, develops from autobiographical memory
  • Defining the self as a person based on descriptions of social roles
  • Self develops from physical interaction with world, infants learn to be effective in relation to objects and events
  • Self develops from interactions, attention on self brings awareness upon self

5. What is NOT an aspect of language play?

  • The child enjoys the experience of making noises
  • Protoconversation
  • Pre-sleep monologues
  • It occurs at the half-word stage


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