TB9, L1 - Infancy

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1. What was the aim of Povinelli's experiment?

  • To understand the role of isolation on social development
  • None of the above
  • To test the stability of the sense of self over time
  • To test the age at which children pass the mirror rouge test
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2. "Role reversal, e.g. hide and seek" best describes which type of play?

  • Complementary and reciprocal play
  • Complex social pretend
  • Parallel aware
  • Social simple

3. At what age do children completely pass the delayed self recognition task?

  • 3-4y
  • 5-6y
  • 6-7y
  • 4-5y

4. At what age do children internalise sensory motor schemas?

  • 6-12m
  • 12-18m
  • 18-24m
  • 24-30m

5. Which is NOT true of children who display more complex play early on?

  • More aggressive
  • More prosocial
  • More sociable
  • Less withdrawn


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