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2. In Harter (1982), what was the main emotion that children thought they were the cause of?

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Happiness
  • Sadness

3. According to Harter (1982), which of these is NOT a component of self esteem?

  • Behavioural conduct
  • Mental competence
  • Scholastic competence
  • Athletic competence
  • Social acceptance
  • Physical appearence

4. In the three sources of self esteem, where would poverty/violence fall?

  • Approval and support from others
  • School environment
  • Heredity

5. What is the looking glass self?

  • Ones overall evaluation of the worth of the self and the feelings that this evaluation engenders
  • Seeing others from the eyes of yourself
  • Seeing yourself from the eyes of another
  • A variant of the mirror self recognition test


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