TB9 D&L Lecture 2; Early childhood

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1. What are Kohlbergs 3 phases of gender (cognitive approach)?

  • Comparison, relativity, stability
  • Identity, stability, constancy
  • Identity, relativity, constancy
  • Comparison, identity, constancy
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2. What is mental state talk related to?

  • Performance in false belief and emotion understanding tasks
  • Performance in false belief but not emotion understanding tasks
  • Performance in emotion understanding but not false belief tasks
  • None of the above

3. In Davis, Meins & Fernyhough (2014), which group referred to mental characteristics more?

  • Those with ICs
  • Those without ICs

4. What is used as a measure of solitary pretend play and is associated with TOM?

  • Sibling play
  • Object substitution
  • Object replication
  • Mental state talk

5. In Youngblade & Dunn (1995)'s falso belief task, what was levels of pretense (eg role enactment) at 33 months associated with?

  • More passing of the false belief task
  • Less passing of the false belief task
  • Higher sophistication
  • Higher TOM


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