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2. The upper part of the face (L & R) receives info from ?

  • The R cortex
  • Neither cortex
  • The L and R cortex
  • The L cortex

3. Are smooth and cardiac muscles under voluntary control?

  • No, they are acted on typically by the nervous system
  • Yes, they are acted on typically by the somatosensory cortex

4. Are lower motorneurones (in the peripheral nerves) spontaneously active?

  • No, they receive input from upper motorneurons, sensory neurons and neurons that control posture
  • Yes, aswell as receiving input from other neurons they can also initiate movements

5. Where is smooth muscle found?

  • Around bones and tendons
  • Around blood vessels, glands, gut and bronchioles
  • Around limbs and major points of articulation
  • Around the origin points of skeletal muscles


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